• InGamer is a now a private whitelabel service

    Please contact us for more info (or to play)

    InGamer is a true 2nd screen fantasy sports game that makes watching live sports better.

    Our heads-up experience allows sports fans to be actual head coaches during games they are watching. Users can compete for prizes on a per quarter, game, week, month, season basis and because of the innovative new stat – The IGA – multi-sport fantasy contesting is now possible.

    Results for the Beta Cup, Spring 2013...

  • What Is InGamer?

    InGamer is a casual and social game where your audience becomes head coaches during live sporting events and can win sponsored prizes by playing just once. For each game they play, they pick players, collect points in real-time, change their players each quarter, and compete and chat with friends, fans, and celebrity VIPs.

    Partner with InGamer and extend your bottom line by keeping your audience tuned to you, whenever and wherever live sports are broadcast.

    Click to see how our unique platform and partner-focused model works:

  • Broadcasters: Increase Loyalty and Reach

    InGamer drives viewers and builds brand loyalty. It seamlessly extends your brand and content and cleverly integrates your sponsor advertising, whenever your audience is engaged. With the chance to win prizes, they're now invested in every second of your broadcast, even if the game gets boring. And here's the kicker... When upcoming games are on competing networks, your audience returns to your InGamer experience to play with you.

    • Powerful Engagement - Your audience engages with you, even when games are on another network - a clear advantage that delivers value to sponsors, brands, and advertisers.
    • Unique Talent Connection - Your on-air talent can play as and alongside other VIPs, chat on InGamer during the game, and talk about picks, scores, and strategy on-air.
    • On-Air Content - Differentiate with new content that deepens the synergy between on-air & online, like unique statistics, popularity of the players in the game, and changes made each quarter.
    • Turnkey - InGamer does all the work - product, technology, support... the works.
  • Publishers: Exclusive and Personal Content

    InGamer partners have a perspective on the game nobody else has with exclusive access to the real-time feelings of the audience and real-time calculations of each athlete's all-around value in every segment of every game. Our unique scoring systems makes watching the game on your network or your site more interesting, fun, and personal than on your competitor's.

    • Tons of Unique Content - InGamer gives you a window into which players are most valuable in each quarter, game, and season, and who is generally best in earlier periods vs. later ones. Slice and dice deep statistical data any way you want.
    • Real-Time Polling - You'll know what the crowd thinks about game incidents as they happen, like whether a hit was dirty or not, or if a coach should have challenged a play. You'll know instantly, without having to ask the audience.
    • Make Stars of Viewers - Immortalize your fan base by displaying individual and group standings, MVPs, and opinions.
  • Sponsors: New Engagement Methods

    Standard online practices don't make the cut. InGamer is a platform to build event-aware marketing campaigns for emotional audiences who are engaged for hours. Send people to play and then pitch personalized messages, contests, and time-sensitive specials at the most exciting moments of each individual's games - increasing their desire to buy into your message. You get ownership, engagement, frequency of brand and message, and integrated ads.

    • Own the Experience - InGamer is skinned in the spirit of your brand. It's not our game - It's your personalized, branded experience, in which emotionally engaged audiences soak up your message
    • Full Circle - Drive traffic to your InGamer experience through your other marketing channels and create an engaged and loyal community around your brand.
    • Complete Campaigns - The InGamer experience can be hooked into any aspect of your marketing and sales, online and offline.

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InGamer Is Hiring:

In North America, 30 million sports fans play fantasy sports, representing $2B in annual revenue. In addition to targeting that market, we're on the cusp of reaching the untapped 100 million casual fans who watch the games and don't play along at all. InGamer makes live sports more fun and personally engaging, without the risk of gambling. It's free to play and gains market access by partnering directly with broadcasters, publishers, and brands.

We're not a bunch of kids with an idea and a dream. InGamer is live, funded, growing. You'll work with senior experts in their fields - our board even includes one of the 16 people in the Fantasy Sports Hall of Fame.

What You'll Get:

We believe success comes from a team of happy, balanced people, who work hard and have opportunity to grow and do significant things. You'll get equity stake in a growing, funded startup, healthcare benefits, and what might be the most awesome smart phone plan on the planet.

You are important. Every day, you need to contribute to the bottom line of the company so that we all succeed. You'll fit in with super-smart geeks who make fun things happen. And if you enjoy working on difficult problems and a freaking awesome technology platform, or are into games or sports, you'll have a great time at InGamer.

Join us and you'll work from our office in the Communitech Hub, a great networking opportunity in itself. We're still small enough that you can get in early and have a large impact on many aspects of the company.

If you think you would like to join the team write to jobs@ingamer.com including:

  • A cover letter that explains why InGamer and you are the right fit.
  • Your InGamer username - play the game first so we know you're serious!

Passionate. Tenacious. Ballsy.

Nic Sulsky - The Sports Freak

Before focusing on evolving real-time content consumption at InGamer, Nic was an accomplished producer, a successful marketer, and a competitive Rugby player.

Nic gets things done. He has produced, directed and hosted several television and broadband series and built his own content marketing firm; working with clients ranging from Molson to TSN to Elections Canada.

Nic is a decade old voice in the sports world. He is a regular guest on various Canadian sports talk shows and was responsible for creating and co-hosting The Fantasy Hockey Report on TSN.ca.

He is also an avid runner, reader, and a proud two-time champion of the Voodoo Bowl Fantasy Football League.

Simon de Boer - The Gamer Geek

There are geeks, uber-geeks, and then there’s Simon, our technical co-founder. Simon has been pioneering web technology for startups since the mid-nineties. As if being a technical demigod isn’t enough, prior to InGamer, Simon was the Vice President of Operations for Snap Media for seven years, where he determined budgets, timelines, resources, and overall production strategy for a team of 25, creating web experiences for over 20 television shows.

Simon brings the deep leading-edge knowledge of web development needed to make sure InGamer is awesome and scales. He has worked with most of the Canadian broadcasters, has the community contacts, and relevant leadership experience to make InGamer a home run.

Beta Cup Results
Spring 2013

1st Round

(2 games)

Bearsign 1,716
kando 1,642
Smack 1,627
gou 1,600
judegg 1,558
rod477 1,531
dinmoe 1,524
booboo 1,524
SHADE 1,498
kaveman 1,497
SilentOutlaw 1,495
chuckles 1,472
papagg 1,471
diddaboyz 1,456
sarklord 1,452

2nd Round

(2 games)

wishfulthinker 1,466
CrossCheckKid 1,383
gou 1,348
mannytheman 1,289
paulie27 1,287
judegg 1,282
booboo 1,276
SilentOutlaw 1,274
jarred 1,269
EddieVedder 1,268
SHADE 1,268
kando 1,262
TMAT 1,221
sarklord 1,217
pdaddy 1,216

3rd Round

(2 games)

chuckles 1,491
iceman651 1,431
judegg 1,346
NHLguy 1,322
PostLockoutDestroyer 1,322
CrossCheckKid 1,305
TMAT 1,299
mannythman 1,287
bergie48 1,282
bergi16 1,248
wishfulthinker 1,237
JoCam86 1,215
kathryn 1,180
yokobird 1,154
booboo 1,130

Whole Playoffs

(3 games)

Bearsign 2,441
judegg 2,351
CrossCheckKid 2,344
PostLockoutDestroyer 2,341
kando 2,337
rod477 2,325
NHLguy 2,320
gou 2,307
chuckles 2,284
delidan 2,260
dinmoe 2,243
Smack 2,238
TMAT 2,228
SilentOutlaw 2,219
iceman651 2,200